Camp India Adventures

India receives a high footfall from millions of tourist throughout the year. Due to the multiplicity of culture, history and people it is an attractive tourist destination. Camp India Adventures is basically an Adventure Tourism based company that provides in-depth knowledge and experience to some of the world's most exotic, beautifull and unique places to visit. We are known for our understanding of traditional tourist destinations and different adventure sports camping. The moto of our company is to provide innovative quality and personalized services to ensure a memorable and trouble free holiday experience.

Camp India Adventures is an alternative lifestyle trademark that gives you the opportunity to push your boundaries and revive your zest for life. It has flawless track record of offering the best adventure sport experiences, We encourage you to take the road less travels, do something extraordinary and step outside your comfort zone.

We are Safe

We have 100% safety record with world class equipments, experinced and qualified instructors of various adventure sports and other essential safety tools.

We Listen

We always have an ear for the wishes of our clients. We like to hear their requirements, desires and suggestions to make our services even better and make our clients the happiest. We customize our services and plans are flexible for the satisfaction of our clients.

We Create

We know that when one plans to camping, all they have in mind is to make great memories, experiences and one of the best times in their lives on that tour and that is the reason why we believe in creating the perfect camp plans according to their interests. Although, we have a big list of different Adventure Packages  but on the desire of clients we are always open to make any changes to them, to make clients happy by fulfilling their desires.

We Value

We know the value of your hard earned money.  Tourism in India has developed into a business that has cut-throat competition. To attract more and more clients the travel companies have been compromising with the quality of touring experience one must actually get after paying a good sum of money. But Camp India Adventures promises to make the best out of your money by providing you premium services and making your holidays memorable.