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Mr. Gaurav Sharma

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Mr. Rajeev Sharma

Technical Advisor
Abhishek Tawri  ( Churu, Rajasthan )
Abhishek Tawri ( Churu, Rajasthan )

My First experience with Camp India Adventures was Trek to "Valley of Flowers" and since then there is no stopping, Triund, Pong Dam, Naggar, Dhana Kunnu, Mcleodganj and many many  and many more to come.....  I just want to say ---

Camp India Rocks !!!  Adventure Begins Here !!!!

Neeta Sharma  ( Churu, Rajasthan )
Neeta Sharma ( Churu, Rajasthan )

This is the best company I ever planned a tour with.Their incredible planning made our tour memorable and entertaining. Everything seemed perfect from the day of our arrival. Our whole tour went smoothly and we had nothing to worry about.We returned home with lots of memories. :)

Jayant Sharma  ( Rajasthan )
Jayant Sharma ( Rajasthan )

Ethical, authentic, reliable, honest, kind, flexible, affordable... here are the many good words I could use to describe Camp India Adventures . It is very rare to find such a good company. So whenever you wish to go for adventure sports and camping, please do contact Camp India Adventures.

 Go for it!

Chandra Shekhar Parerk Marvellous and great arrangement
Rameshwar Prajapati

आनंदमय ,सुंदर परियावरण का अद्भुत अनुभव

Priyanshi Chemgal family friendly
Usha Prajapat it was an amazing experience
Neha Kumawat enjoyed the best views after the hardest hike , thanks
Himanshu Kumawat

ऐसा सुखद अनुभव जिसका वर्णन शब्दों से नया हो सके

Durga lal Kumawat

आनंद दायक , आराम

Manju Deki

शांति , आनंद , आराम

Ragunath Pareek

amazing and wonderful experience , planning to return as soon as possible

Amarjeet Singh

all ovr wonderful visit . Nice experience

Mahendra Kumar Saini

no words for facilities , wonderful

Narayan Prasad

शानदार ,यादगार, शुद्ध स्वादिष्ट खाना , वाह ! 


शुद्ध स्वादिष्ट  खाना , आरामदायक स्थान

Himanshu Chaudhary

very nice

Kaushalya Kumari

very adventurous

Dr Sujit R Jagadala

Excelllent location and hospitality

Itish arora

good service and excellent location

Mangatram Poonia

अति सुंदर व शांत वातावरण


nice place , good service

Laxmi Narayan Indoria


Shobhna Jain

one of the best experience of my life

Anchal Agarwal

at the age of 52 , ido adventure with full of energy , enthusiasm

Ritu Batra

A pure environment with great hospitality , cleanliness

Sangeeta Kamboj

very good hospitality . Want to visit again . Thankyou

Sanjay Chouhan


Tathagat Sharma

Such a Amazing place

Alka Sharma

Wanna stay here more , will come back again

Abha l Mahajan

Amazing and mesmerising experience with nature . Thanks to the team

Nutan Gupta

Comfortable stay , good hospitality

Dr.Neeta Lalwani

Good management , clean stays

Manisha Jain

The ambience was great and clean and delicious food

Lekhna Sain

tranquil place For a person who loves peace and nature

Goverdhan Saini

I am astonished to see this camp in such a remote area , one can enjoy the peace of mind and life here

Archit Bohra

we really love dthe camp and the hospitality of the entire team of Gaurav ji . Really felt the nature and the homely environment

Sumir Kotwal

location of the camp is very nice amid nature staff is very hospitable and makesyou feel homely

Anjali Mawaha

it was amazing time spend here . We all learnt lot of things

Rajni Verma

very beautifull place .wellorganised .fodd and hospitality was amazing , it was a experience for life time

Kulwant kaur

जीवन का सबसे सुंदर अनुभव है हिमालय की वादियों को अपनी आँखों से देखकर उसकी सुंदरता निहारना

Aarzoo Gandhi

it was one of the best experience .food was nice and clean , every thing is well maintained


it was wonderfull visiting here


the experience was amazing . Everything was well maintained . I was very much lucky to meet with Gaurav Sir . Beside this the adventure was best


It was the best experience ever. I truly enjoyed the camping , adventure and everything . It was a pleasure to meet with Gaurav sir , thankyou


it is speechless to describe the beauty of these mountains . Unforgettable

Kirti Saini

it was a wonderfull trip


everyone was very cooprative, learned many things ,the facilities ans knowledge provided by the Camp India team was wonderfull. Loved it .

Megha Devani

This was the most memorable trip till now , will remember this forever. It felt like home here . Thankyou for the tasty food and warm hospitality .

Ujjwal Mehta

this was the first and most adventurous event of mine.