Rules and Regulations


  1. No weapons/ammunition are allowed during the camp/tour/course period.
  2. No pets are allowed.
  3. Consumption of alcohol, psychotropic drugs, smoking & chewing of tobacco or Gutkha is strictly prohibited.
  4. All candidates will be briefed on the first day of the camp regarding the course. The institute authorities will expel any candidate from the course for any misbehaving.
  5. The trainees will be required to pay the current market price of an equipment, clothing or fixture item lost or damaged due to misuse and/or negligence.
  6. No safe custody facility exists during the course period for money or valuables. Candidates are advised against valuables (Jewellery etc.) with them.

Note: All the training programs are conducted on Army pattern by Camp India. Therefore, participants of all training course must maintain discipline of the highest order. In case of any misconduct, misbehavior or indulgence in anti-social activity, the trainees will be expelled from the course immediately and no refund of fee will be admissible in such cases. All are advised to undergo suitable exercise before joining the Camp.

Note: The aim of our organization is to introduce and initiate young men, women and school children to the mountain & nature through its various activities like mountaineering, water sports & adventure training course. Special emphasis is laid on instilling the concept of adventure sports without causing environmental degradation, so please love and enjoy the nature with discipline.